About Me

For the past 14 years I have worked in the Oil & Gas Industry as an Administrative Assistant, Technical Assistant, Systems Administrator, Application Analyst, and a Team Leader. 

Every role had its demands, its chaos, and a need for control.   michele-bw-small-v3

As an Administrative/Technical Assistant I worked for 2 bosses.  I had the demands of two teams pulling me in opposite directions.  Defining priorities and making them visible to everyone was important in keeping the work progressing and frustrations low.

As a Systems Administrator, I worked with a system that was developed from the ground up – basically an empty box – that constantly went through change.  Learning the system and documenting its functionality and frequent changes became an ongoing activity not only for myself but the users of the system.

As an Application Analyst, supporting a system that was continually changing and growing, pushed me to improve system processes, update support documentation, and share system knowledge with system stakeholders.

When I became a Team Leader my focus naturally stayed with continuous improvement.

As a Team Leader my areas of focus were Team Management, Operations Management, Productivity and Efficiency, Building Relationships, and Customer Service.

Each of these areas had its own demands, chaos, and need for control, so getting organised, continually improving, and sharing knowledge became a major driver.  As a result, work efficiencies improved for myself, my team, and others around me.

So as you can see, getting organised, continually improving, and sharing knowledge is a bit of a passion for me. And like all passions, it is there whether I am working or not.  So hence, the birth of this blog.  I hope it provides value and some food for thought.

Thanks, Michele.